Review – Oropax in Chaos Royal at the Tipi am Kanzleramt

OropaxChaos Royal

It wasn’t the usual start to proceedings for the Tipi’s resident Hausdame, Marlene Deluxe, when her nightly “Welcome to the Tipi/ please extinguish the candles/switch off mobile phones/ thank you to the sponsors and have a lovely evening” speech was derailed by the arrival on-stage of the Oropax crew – the chaos had begun!

Sets are positioned, props arrive, lights are adjusted and an announcement made on how late the show will actually begin… It doesn’t of course.

(pic – Tipi am Kanzleramt)

Brothers Volker & Thomas Martins are exceptional, gifted performers and a joy to watch. With a 30-year history of performing and 20 years as a duo, the jokes, puns and absurd comedy characters come thick and fast.

It felt, at times, like a combination of the physicality of a young Reeves & Mortimer combined with the dense and layered wordplay of Round The Horne – with a lot of toilet gags thrown in for good measure.

It is, however, not a show for non-native German speakers – when your native-German, fluent-English companion explains that you need to know about a 1960s Czech children’s TV character to get the joke, you know you are out of your depth!


(pic – Tipi am Kanzleramt)

A thoroughly enjoyable if, at times, mystifying evening and the full-house audience on the first night were hooked-in right from the start.


14. January – 2. February 2015 (not Jan 25th)

Tues – Sat 20:00, entry from 18:30

Sun 19:00, entry from 17:30

Tickets: € 16,60 – 29,50

Concessions: € 12,50

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