Review: The Tap Pack at the Tipi am Kanzleramt

The nights are certainly getting warmer in Berlin with the arrival this weekend of  The Tap Pack.   This company of five male dancers and two musicians have come all the way from Australia for an eight-week residency and, if Friday’s opening night is anything to go by, have certainly landed with a bang.

Foto: Darek Gontarski / Design: Fokke Hoekman

The Tap Pack are Sean Mulligan, Ben Brown, Jesse Rasmussen, Tom Egan and Jordan Pollard, ably accompanied by Micky Blister on drums and Steffan Scholz on keyboard. These guys are the definition of the ‘ Triple Threat’ – they can sing, they can dance and they can make you laugh!

© Xamax

The vibe of the show is very much that of five guys hanging out in a bar with their new pals (us!) and it works beautifully. Big group numbers blend into comedy double-acts and solo party-pieces with ease.

The backbone of the musical offering is ‘Rat Pack’ classics ( Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin etc) but not exclusively. The more up-to-date material fits in perfectly and is performed with just as much enthusiasm. It doesn’t feel in any way forced. Indeed, the second half kicks off with a ‘battle’ of classic versus modern and is a riotus crowd-pleaser.  If you thought you didn’t need a swing/tap version of Wonderwall in your life , you were wrong!

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This is perfect programming for the Tipi for the early summer season, and will delight visitors and locals in equal measure.

All in all a great, fun night out.

The Tap Pack at The Tipi am Kanzleramt

Große Querallee, 10557, Berlin-Tiergarten

Tuesday to Saturday 20:00 ( entry and catering from 18:30), Sunday 19:00 (entry and catering from 17:30)

Tickets €25.50 to €34.50 (students €12.50 subject to availability)

Special offer: a reserved table of 6 plus a glass of prosecco €177 (Sun -Thurs) €207 (Fri, Sat)

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  1. William T Miller says:

    Hello, I am currently writing an article about an Eldorado caberet ‘good for a dance ‘ token that I have. May I have permission to cite some information from your article and use a photo or two?

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