Blandine Ebinger

Blandine Ebinger was born in Berlin in 1899, the daughter of pianist Gustav Loeser and the actress Margarete Wezel.  Her theatre career began as early as age 8, with an appearance in Leipzig and then in many other stage productions.


In 1919 she married the up and coming songwriter Friedrich Hollaender and became a major feature of the Berlin Cabaret scene with regular appearances at Cabaret Schall Und Rauch and at Rosa Valletti’s Cabaret Megalomania.

Over the years, she performed the works of many of the great songwriters and lyricists of the period including Mischa Spoliansky, Marcellus Schiffer and Werner Richard Heymann.

(pics: Archiv der Akademie der Künste, Berlin . Zander & Labisch; Debschitz-Urbach)

Her marriage to Hollaender ended in 1926. They had one daughter Philine. Hollaender emigrated to the United States in 1933, but problems persisted for Blandine and her  ‘half-Jewish’ daughter and they both left for the USA in 1937.

She returned to Berlin in 1947, and then settled in Munich with her second husband, Helwig Hassenpflug, in 1961. They both eventually returned to Berlin where Blandine continued to work in numerous film and television productions. She died on Christmas Day 1993, aged 94.

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