Erik Charell Exhibition

Erik Charell was dubbed ‘The German Mr Ziegfeld”. He was a legendary stage director and producer, and the creator of the glamourous stage revues of the 1920′s at the Grosse Schauspielhaus, a 3500- seater theatre at Friedrichstraße, the entertainment centre of Berlin. His revues were epic in scale and featured most of the big names working in Theatre and Cabaret at the time, including Marlene Dietrich, The Comedian Harmonists, Max Hansen , Paul Morgan, Claire Waldoff , Trude Hesterberg and many others.

(images: Wolff Freiherr von Gudenberg; Atelier Badekow-Grosz; Galerie Bodo Niemann)

One of his biggest hits was ‘Im Weissen Rössl’ ( The White Horse Inn) which went on to become a world-wide success.

He moved into film in the early 1930′s and after fleeing Germany for America in 1933, continued to make films for Fox Pictures in Hollywood. He returned to Germany after the war and continued to work, creating the world-wide hit “Feuerwerk” in 1950 which spawned the hit song ‘O Mein Papa”.

He retired to Switzerland in the late 1950′s and died in 1974, aged 80. He left his entire estate to his long-term love Friedrich Zanner.

Glitter And Be Gay – Erik Charell and the Homosexuality of Operetta

Schwules Museum, Berlin from July 8th to September 27th 2010.

The exhibition, the first of it’s kind, will present costume and scenic designs by Ernst Stern, a 3D model of the Grosse Schauspielhaus, photos of the stars and productions and many documents relating to Charell’s life, with quotes from friends and colleagues giving a unique insight into the life and work of Erik Charell.

Schwules Museum

Mehringdamm 61



Opening Hours Mon, Weds, Thurs,  Fri, 14.00 to 18.00 . Saturday 14.00 to 19.00

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  2. Jorge says:

    Thank you for a great site about Berlin in the twenties. I have read a lot about that and your useful info is greatly appreciated.

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