Anita’s Anniversary

Anita Berber

June 10th 1899 – November 10th 1928

Anita Berber, the 29 year old dancer, actress and ‘wild-child’ of the Weimar cabaret era, died on this day in 1928. She was buried in a paupers grave in St. Thomas Friedhof in the Neukoln district of Berlin. The cemetery is now disused and her grave, gone.

” Only thrill-seeking transvestite couples from the Eldorado nightclub, some sombre journalists and intellectuals in top hats, a couple of film directors, the German sexolologist Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, and immediate relatives from the Berber clan attended. Henri Chatin-Hoffman…. and his latest dance partner watched from afar. The intimate and bohemian ceremony that was planned had to be curtailed due to a nonstop rainfall”

The Seven Addictions and Five Professions  of Anita Berber – Mel Gordon

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