Anita’s Anniversary

Anita Berber

June 10th 1899 – November 10th 1928

Anita Berber, the 29 year old dancer, actress and ‘wild-child’ of the Weimar cabaret era, died on this day in 1928. She was buried in a paupers grave in St. Thomas Friedhof in the Neukoln district of Berlin. The cemetery is now disused and her grave, gone.

” Only thrill-seeking transvestite couples from the Eldorado nightclub, some sombre journalists and intellectuals in top hats, a couple of film directors, the German sexolologist Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, and immediate relatives from the Berber clan attended. Henri Chatin-Hoffman…. and his latest dance partner watched from afar. The intimate and bohemian ceremony that was planned had to be curtailed due to a nonstop rainfall”

The Seven Addictions and Five Professions  of Anita Berber – Mel Gordon

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  1. Sairene says:

    Hello Brendan! Great blog!!! I retweeted the most recnet installment. I am a cabaret singer and recnetly did a private historical tour of the history of cabaret for a couple from Texas. I would love to consult with you and see if there is any collaborative possibilites. Thank you for your wonderful hard work! By the way. Have you heard of Evelin Foerster’s wonderful Hoerbuch (audio book) Die Frau Im Dunkeln ?

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