The “Resi”

The “Resi” was the nickname of a vast, luxurious dance-hall called The Residenz-Casino at Blumentrasse 10, just by Alexanderplatz. At various times in it’s history it has been known as Balhaus Resi, Tanzpalast Resi, Residenz Casino and just plain Resi.

It was built and opened in 1908 by Paul Baatz, but it was in the Weimar Period that the venue really came into its’ own.

The dance-floor was large enough for 1000 people and it’s ceiling made from reflective glass. There were four bars, private rooms and even a carousel.

Above the dance-floor were one hundred mirrored globes which opened and closed to the rhythm of the orchestra, and in 1928 a dancing water feature was installed. In the late 20′s the venue housed 86,000 electric lights!

Its’ most talked about feature were 200 private telephones fixed to tables and various stations around the venue, where customers could contact other tables or flirt anonymously with other patrons.  Guests could also choose from a menu of 135 gift items and have them sent to other patrons via pneumatic delivery tubes (Rohrpoststation) suspended above the tables.

The venue closed just before the war in 1939, but was recreated in 1951 in Kreuzberg at Hasenheide 32, and was hugely popular with British and American servicemen and women.  Once again, it featured the telephones on the tables, the rohrpoststation,  and spectacular water shows created by Otto Przystawik, whose son Michael Przystawik still designs and installs water shows to clubs and venues around the world.

The venue closed in 1978 and the building demolished that same year.

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54 Responses to The “Resi”

  1. Charlie Oscar says:

    Part of the mission of the US Air Base I was stationed at in France from 1961-64 was flying a number of missions each day through the air corridors in East Germany to West Berlin. So it was very easy to catch a hop to and from Templehoff and I visited the city several times. The Resi was a favorite stop in the evening.

    One time the NCO (pushing 50 and with a family on base) in charge of my section decided all the tales he had heard about Berlin were interesting so he asked if I would show him around one weekend. We went to the Resi and the telephone at our table rang. It was for him…and he was so embarrassed that he made me take the call. But I was too young for the woman who called.

  2. Monika V. Barker says:

    Would like to share a true love story with a miracle ending to all of you who have a story to share on this site.
    Nov.26, 2015, I shared my experience at the Resi Bar wondering whatever happened to the young man I fell in love with.
    June 15, 2017, Joe the young man I spoke about read my post and started searching for me. I had left no contact numbers.
    June 19, 2017, we reconnected after 55 years, what a miracle. It is a blessing to know he is alive and well, happily married in Missouri.

  3. Daud Ansari says:

    Together with a friend, I visited Resi in the summer of 1961. We were bachelors then. It was a memorable experience. Great ambience happy fun seeking crowds. In no time we had the attention of two girls and through the Rohrpost asked if we could join them. We had a wonderful time dancing, laughing and enjoying ourselves. I believe the entyrance was just 1 Mark in those days!

  4. william klorig says:

    In the early 60′s several of the Naval Officers,incuding myself from the USS WASP had the the opportunity to vis the Resi. We were seated in the tier just above several attractive young women with whom we shared a phone and tube outlet. They were in great demand and their table empty as they danced. We undertook taking messages for them.By and by we answered a call from a gentleman who recognized us as Americans. He invited us to join him for a drink which we accepted. He introducedhimself as a surviving U boat commander and we spent an fascinating hour talking with him.

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