Six Degrees of Separation – Sally Bowles to Stephanie Flanders

Sally Bowles was the fictional character who featured in Christopher Isherwood’s novel Goodbye to Berlin and the subsequent adaptations into the stage and film production, Cabaret.

She was loosely based on Jean Ross, a British actress and singer Isherwood met and lived with in Berlin in the early 1930′s.

Jean Ross returned to England in 1932 and later married the Journalist Claud Cockburn with whom she had a daughter, the writer Sarah Cockburn, also know by her pen name Sarah Caudwell.

Jean Ross was Claud Cockburn’s second wife.

Claud Cockburn’s first wife was Hope Hale Davies with whom he fathered Claudia Cockburn.

Claudia Cockburn married Michael Flanders, one half of the double act Flanders and Swann.

Together they had two daughters, US-based journalist Laura Flanders and the BBC Economics Correspondent Stephanie Flanders.

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3 Responses to Six Degrees of Separation – Sally Bowles to Stephanie Flanders

  1. James Conway says:

    Thanks so much for your fascinating research into Berlin cabaret and the wider world of Weimar culture. It’s proved very informative in my own circuit of the city looking up Berlin originals like Anita Berber and Claire Waldoff.

  2. Brendan says:

    Thank you! You’re very welcome!

  3. Hi, just finished Goodbye to Berlin and googling to see if the Russian Tea Room on Kleiststrasse was still there found your site and this brilliant post. Fascinating! I am coming to Berlin in the first week in September – hope you will be in town giving a walking tour.

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