Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan was one of the biggest stars of the Berlin Weimar era.

Born Georg Paul Morgenstern in Vienna 1886, he came to Berlin in 1917 to perform at The Lessing Theatre. By the 1920′s he was a well-known Conferencier (MC) on the Berlin Cabaret circuit and in 1924, together with Kurt Robitschek and Max Hansen, he founded the Kadeko, Berlin’s famous Cabaret of Comedians.

Between 1919 and 1933 he acted in over 50 films, including German versions of American films in Hollywood after fleeing Germany during 1930. Returning to Europe later that year, he tried out the cabaret scene in Switzerland but ultimately returned to an increasingly dangerous Vienna. His film career was virtually finished but he continued to perform and write.

After the annexation of Austria in March 1938 he was arrested and sent to Dachau. Soon afterwards he was transferred to Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where he participated in informal cabaret shows put on by the other prisoners. Sometimes with, but often without, the permission of the guards.

After a prolonged series of ‘punishment exercises’ in the bitter cold of December 10th 1938, he collapsed and died of exhaustion. He was 52.

Paul Morgan & Alice Hechy film montage here.

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