Review – Spymonkey in ‘Cooped’ at The Tipi am Kanzleramt

British comedy group Spymonkey have without doubt created their very own theatrical genre. Part physical theatre, part slapstick, part clowning and with a couple of healthy doses of vaudeville, it’s fair to say you probably won’t have seen anything like this before.

(pic: Sean Dennie)

‘Cooped’, the production they have brought to Berlin for the first time, is a spoof comedy horror story set in a crumbling manor house in the English county of Northumberlandshirehampton. Each of Spymonkey’s four extraordinarily talented performers are playing characters, playing other characters.

Toby Young playing handsome, debonaire actor Forbes Murston introduces his cast:

Petra Massey plays Amanda Bandy, a starlet with a burgeoning pop career and ‘face of Rimmel cosmetics’, playing innocent personal assistant Laura Du Lay; Stephan Kreiss plays Udo Kellar, stalwart of German Expressionist Theatre, playing Klaus the butler; and Aitor Basauri plays Alfredo Graves, superstar Spanish soap actor playing family solicitor Roger Parchment, police inspector Judedench and a host of other roles.

Confused? You probably will be, but that’s half the fun of it.

The story has all the essential components- a remote country house, a deranged butler, dark family secrets and, of course, a murderous evil twin. But there are also some unexpected surprises – a chorus of Hassidic Jews, out of control wild fowl and a naked ballet!

This certainly isn’t ‘Dinner For One’!

(pic: Jane Hobson)

(pic: Jane Hobson)

Although performed entirely in English, the mostly German-speaking audience at the opening night loved every minute of it. The sheer physicality of the performances is extraordinary and there are many genuinely laugh out loud moments.

This is very bold programming by The Tipi and deserves big audiences. With the dark January days upon us, give yourself a treat and book a ticket now.

(Pic: Jane Hobson)

Spymonkey in ‘Cooped’

3- 26 January 2014

Tuesday to Saturday 20:00, entry from 18:30

Sunday 19:00, entry from 17:30

Tickets €25,10 to €39,50

Tickets 030 39 06 65 50

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