April 24th 1970

“Then I had lunch with Jean Ross and her daughter Sarah, and three of their friends at a little restaurant in Chancery Lane. Jean looks old but still rather beautiful and she is very lively and active and mentally on the spot – and as political as ever. Sarah is a barrister and, according to Jean, hasn’t cared to marry because ‘ since she took to the law, she has seen so much of what marriage lets you in for’.  Sarah is rather plump but quite nice looking.

Seeing Jean made me happy; I think if I lived here I’d see a lot of her”

Christopher Isherwood, April 24th 1970


Sadly, this would be the last time they met. Isherwood returned to the United States and three years later, on April 27th 1973,  Jean died of cervical cancer at her home in Barnes, south west London. She was cremated at Mortlake Crematorium on May 4th 1973.

(Pic: Jean Ross by Humphrey Spender, 1931)

It is entirely appropriate that today, April 24th 2014, a new production of Cabaret has its opening night at Studio 54 in  New York.

Alongside Alan Cumming reviving his role as the MC is Michelle Willams in the iconic role of Sally Bowles.

( Michelle Williams at Sally Bowles cafe-bar in Berlin, January 2014. Pic: Brendan Nash)






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One Response to April 24th 1970

  1. George E Jordan says:

    I first saw this version of Cabaret in 2004 ? It has never left my mind! This revival at the old Studio 54, has reinforced this feeling. Nothing illustrates the moment and the future like this production! I still get chill bumps when I think about the ending. This masterpiece, in this production, gives bolder meaning to each of the songs. It’s so brilliant and touching at the same moment!
    George E. Jordan, retired art critic and historian